Journal Publication by Year (Top 20)

2019 Top Twenty Journal Shares
YearJournalArticlesShare (%)
2019PLOS ONE99.47
2019BMJ Open55.26
2019Annals of Oncology33.16
2019BMJ Global Health22.11
2019International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health22.11
2019PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases22.11
2019Alzheimer's Research & Therapy11.05
2019Journal of Public Health11.05
2019European Neuropsychopharmacology11.05
2019Journal of Psychoactive Drugs11.05
2019npj Genomic Medicine11.05
2019Emerging Infectious Diseases11.05
2019Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology11.05
2019Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions11.05
2019Journal of Clinical Pathology11.05
2019Biocomputing 202011.05
2019British Journal of Haematology11.05
2019Respiratory Research11.05
2020 Top Twenty Journal Shares
YearJournalArticlesShare (%)
2020PLOS ONE3387.38
2020BMJ Open1002.18
2020Scientific Reports972.12
2020Clinical Infectious Diseases811.77
2020Nature Communications551.2
2020International Journal of Infectious Diseases440.96
2020Journal of Medical Virology420.92
2020Journal of Medical Internet Research370.81
2020International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health350.76
2020BMC Medicine350.76
2020Emerging Infectious Diseases330.72
2020The Journal of Infectious Diseases320.7
2020Frontiers in Medicine310.68
2020Journal of Clinical Microbiology310.68
2020Frontiers in Public Health300.66
2020Nature Medicine280.61
2020Epidemiology and Infection270.59
2020Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences270.59
2020JAMA Network Open270.59
2021 Top Twenty Journal Shares
YearJournalArticlesShare (%)
2021PLOS ONE5566.2
2021Scientific Reports3654.07
2021BMJ Open2402.68
2021Nature Communications1751.95
2021Clinical Infectious Diseases901
2021BMC Public Health650.73
2021International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health630.7
2021Frontiers in Public Health630.7
2021PLOS Computational Biology620.69
2021BMC Infectious Diseases570.64
2021Open Forum Infectious Diseases550.61
2021Frontiers in Immunology550.61
2021International Journal of Infectious Diseases530.59
2021JAMA Network Open520.58
2021PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases500.56
2021Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences490.55
2021The Journal of Infectious Diseases480.54
2022 Top Twenty Journal Shares
YearJournalArticlesShare (%)
2022PLOS ONE5546.92
2022BMJ Open2553.18
2022Scientific Reports2433.03
2022Nature Communications1852.31
2022Clinical Infectious Diseases931.16
2022PLOS Global Public Health861.07
2022Frontiers in Immunology770.96
2022JAMA Network Open710.89
2022BMC Medicine570.71
2022PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases530.66
2022International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health510.64
2022BMC Public Health510.64
2022Frontiers in Public Health500.62
2022Microbiology Spectrum460.57
2022The Journal of Infectious Diseases460.57
2022BMC Infectious Diseases440.55
2022Frontiers in Medicine440.55